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World Gaming Launches Slot Joker123 Software

February 4, 2022   |   by Crouse Linwood

Business Wire – World Gaming plc, a global pioneer in I-gaming technologies, announced today that it has completed implementation of eFalcon, the leading real-time Internet fraud detection solution from HNC Software Inc.

World Gaming now offers its licensees and partners the most powerful weapon against online credit card fraud available. The augmented system is available to the more than 750 web sites powered by World Gaming to offer gamers the industry’s highest level of fraud protection.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions to limit risk and enhance profitability,” said Michael Aymong, CEO of World Gaming. “HNC worked with us to implement a solution that would ensure safety and security for the more than 500,000 players who wagered in excess of US$2 billion through our licensees last year.”

eFalcon is an intelligent Internet-credit fraud detection and risk-management solution that lowers fraud losses and increases revenue opportunity for online merchants and service providers. The advanced solution uses sophisticated neural networks, scores, and rules to distinguish between legitimate shoppers and fraudulent purchasers.

It also provides strategy management and customer service tools to help merchants save legitimate transactions that appear risky, as well as set policies for accepting and rejecting transactions. eFalcon is based on HNC’s Falcon payment card fraud detection technology, currently used to protect more than 400 million payment card accounts worldwide.

“We’re pleased to provide our leading Internet payment card fraud detection solution to World Gaming, which is being proactive in the battle against fraud and protecting its clients,” said Walter Lee, vice president of merchant solutions for HNC Software. “In addition to the immediate fraud loss savings, World Gaming will be able to offer their licensees cost savings through lower chargeback fees, reduced fraud investigations, and the elimination of unnecessary customer support services related to fraudulent activities.”

Casino Announces ‘Survivor’ Competition

Internet Wire — has announced an intriguing online casino competition, ‘Survivor — a 5-week contest starting July 23 — that will give Internet gamblers throughout the world a chance to match their wits and stamina against one another in eight different games for $10,000 in prize money.

“This will be a terrific competition and lots of fun for the Slot Joker123 participants,” said the online casino pitboss, Jamaica Joe. “There will be a $5,000 grand prize – one against all, plus several weekly prizes. The ultimate survivor will outplay, outlast and outwin all the other competitors!”

The “Survivor” competition will require participants to play two different games per week for four weeks — with a final championship week that will determine the final survivor. The games include standards like blackjack, roulette, Caribbean stud and mini-baccarat, but also games that are new to many, like Gold Pirates, Omega video poker, Pai Gow poker and Killer Whale.

“Some games will be new for everyone, but players don’t have to be familiar with every game to be a ‘Survivor’,” said Joe, noting that chances for success are increased by practicing the various games prior to the contest kickoff and playing longer than the minimum requirement during the competition.

The five-week competition will include two rounds each week -a Reward Challenge Round, where players will compete for cash prizes based on their high scores, plus an Immunity Challenge Round, which will enable players to avoid elimination and move into the next week of play. He said 90% of week one’s players will survive, 65% of the original field will make it into week three, and 25% into week four. Finally, the top players will advance to the Championship Round, which begins August 25.

According to Jamaica Joe, the scores of players will be determined by their best winning streaks, not by total winnings with the objective being to survive each round and outlast all other competitors. He pointed out that players don’t have to win the most money in each round to advance through the challenges and that scores are not cumulative from week to week.

“All players start out evenly at the beginning of each round,” said Joe, “and the consistent player with scores in the middle has just as much chance of surviving to the final round as the top scorers.”

Players will wager their own money during the competition. Go to the casino’s web site to sign up or obtain the contest’s complete rules and information.