Wild and Windy weather

March 4, 2021   |   by Crouse Linwood

Whilst most bloggers have been focused on the late summer film festivals (Venice, Telluride and Toronto) eager to identify some late entry awards bait or future cult viewing I have been playing the long game. Yes, we’re back again for a monthly look at the latest cinematic treats slipping into production and you never know some of these projects could end up being Oscar players in 2014. I don’t necessary expect them all to be future winners, or even good, or even get made at all, but that’s all part of the fun of reading IMDb and here’s what I found this month.

Crazy for the Storm –

Sean Penn is back behind the camera with Norman Ollestad’s survival memoir, and if the central storyline of a young protagonist forced to struggle in extreme weather conditions before finding his way back to civilisation sounds a little similar to Into the Wild but in reverse then you’re not too far off.

Where Emile Hirsch’s Christopher McCandless deliberately put himself in extreme situations to test his resilience and paid the ultimate sacrifice, Ollestad was orphaned in a horrific plane crash on the side of a mountain and had to forge his way out of danger, aged just 11. The book cover, below, and it’s simple inscription, explains it all.

We know Penn has an incredibly feel for capturing the beauty and danger of the natural world and, with Josh Brolin signing up to play Norman’s FBI father, expect this to be a well acted mood-piece that highlights man’s fragility and place in the natural order.

Read on for criminals in wheelchairs, dreams of Fellini, patricide, the secrets of the universe and a potential manic pixie girl. Go on, read on, what are you waiting or?