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Vegasenergy drink by Vimgo

June 22, 2021   |   by Crouse Linwood




Ok, the folks at Vegas were nice enough to send us a few cans to sample and I’m finally getting around to doing so.  I popped open a can about half an hour ago, and I’m really not quite awake yet which worries me for 2 reason….Either it means that I’m building up a resistance to all the good stuff in these drinks, or that this one drink just really isn’t all that strong.  Now I’d obviously prefer the later because that means that I have not done to much damage to my body thus far, but at the same time I was really hoping that Vegas was going to have a good kick because I’m just dead this morning.  That aside, I have to say that I did in fact like Vegas.


If you take a Energy Drink Red Bull, pour out half of it and slowly start adding Low Carb Monster, you will come up with a flavor similar to Vegas….which I think is a good thing.  Vegas Energy Drink is the blue brother to Pink diet energy drink (This one got all the fun stuff like calories and carbs that were left out of Pink) and to me the better tasting of the two.  Vegas is sweet but not at all overpowering, has a strange berryish flavor and an EXTREMELY mild vitamin taste.  There is a slight RB’ish flavor at first followed by the sweeter taste that balances it all out pretty well.  It’s all pretty refreshing actually and would make a damn fine mixer….as a matter of fact; the folks at Vegas were nice enough to send a card with recipes for both Vegas and Pink…2 for each Drink.  Now I don’t think Vegas drinks will have the same kick you might get energy wise from some of the other brands on the market, but the flavor is definitely worth playing around with in mixed drinks.  For your reading/mixing pleasure I present to you the Vegas-tini and the Vegas Blue…both of which I would LOVE to try but I need a few more cans to sample with…HINT, HINT.


So now I guess I need to start adding drink recipes to all my reviews…..I suppose it all works out….Guarana helps the liver (many of the drinks we review contain it) and the alcohol destroys it….I’ll just keep telling myself in the end it’s all a wash….as if I need an extra excuse to get tanked.


Zompo! Peach, Nectarine & Cream


Yet another step away from the norm from the people at XTC….which I think is a good thing.  Zompo is not so much as an energy drink as it is an energy soda.  It more carbonated than many of the energy drinks out there and really tastes NOTHING like anything we have tried so far.  The peach and nectarine flavors are something I really like so I have been looking forward to trying this baby out ever since I first opened the box from the folks at XTZ.  There is a LOT of flavor in this stuff and it makes one hell of a breakfast drink because of the nice citrusy taste and the nice touch of cream to take the edge off.   There is a mild bitter flavor from the nectarine, a nice creamy side and then that little snap from the peach juice that all combines really well together.  Pretty damn good indeed.


So far I must say that power wise, this one is not up there with the big boys, but it does hold its own.  I’m about half way through a 12oz bottle and I do feel quite a bit more awake than I did earlier….but still not where I want to be with an energy drink first thing in the morning.  I would say that for the normal Joe out there this would probably perk you up just fine with a piece of toast or a bowl of cereal.  I look at this more as a damn good soda that has nice energy boosting properties more than I do a hard core energy drink…..which actually makes me want it more so than if it was just a standard energy drink.


Now, getting past the basics, I must say that this drink would work WONDERS as a mixer…..I am so wanting to add in a shot of vodka I can hardly stand it.  I really need to find a place around me that sells this stuff so I can start a little mad scientist lab of alcoholism and really put this stuff through it’s paces…daiquiris, fuzzy navels, peachy screwdrivers