Toto HK Final Table

August 5, 2022   |   by Crouse Linwood


I watched the World Series of Poker final table last night on ESPN, and I have to say that I was absolutely disgusted by the play and behavior.  The nine survivors survived over 6000 players and 6 days of play to get there, only to throw their chips around like idiots when they got there.  Maybe it was being on center stage and the soccer hooligan type crowd that accompanied it.  Maybe it was the potential fame and fortune that lied ahead.  The guy who won it, Jerry Yang, clearly had the strategy that he was going to bet everything and call everything, and whatever happened happened.  The chip leader heading into the final table, Philip Hilm, got into confrontations that were totally unnecessary, and ended up giving all of his chips to Yang, when he should have known that Yang didn’t know how to fold.  The most accomplished player at the final table, Lee Watkinson, ended his tournament by going all-in with A-7 and getting called with A-9.  Ugh.  Those two hands all-in preflop with millions on the line?

The most despicable part of watching it was when every time Yang was all-in, he’d kiss a picture of his kids and say things like “Please father.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  This is my destiny.  Show them the light father.”  Like God happens to be watching the Rio Toto HK room and decides which one of these guys who can afford to play poker will be richer because it’s their destiny.  People are dying throughout the world, people are starving, and Yang thinks God gives a shit about a poker tournament.  Give me a break.  I almost turned it off.  Especially when Lee Watkinson’s girlfriend started doing the exact same thing when Lee was all-in.  Praying to God or Jesus about a whether you’re millions of dollars richer or hundreds of thousands of dollars rich.  Just disgusting.  I was embarrassed to be even watching.

Office Olympics – Events 2 and 3

Events 2 and 3 of the Office Olympics occurred at lunch yesterday and today.  And they were both bowling.  We would have done it just once, but the bossman forgot to bring the camera the first time – and I think everyone wanted a second chance.

Turns out Feeve is a former New York doubles state champ.  Not really sure how they do doubles bowling.  Is it synchronized so they both have to roll at the same time?  With the exact same shaped shot?  With the same number of pins knocked down?  Of course, I would never ask that to his face because, well, he’s a lot bigger than me and could whoop my ass.  Not sure he would appreciate being asked if he was involved in synchronized anything.  And yes, he’s a good bowler.  He beat everyone yesterday, shooting something like 165.  I could have had him, but choked in the last frame, hitting only the 10 pin on my first throw and failing to pick up the spare.  I finished with 149, behind Feeve, Biggus (154), and Keith (151).

Ernie McCracken

Today’s event was absolutely shocking.  Dave came from out of nowhere (109 the first day) and dominated the field.  He only had two open frames and ended up firing a 176.  I came in 2nd with 142 – pretty pathetic numbers from everyone else.  I really think Dave spent the night at the bowling alley perfecting his game.  Either that or he took his Geritol this morning.  Whatever happened, it was quite impressive – everyone’s jaw was down on the floor in awe.

Who knows when or what the next event will be.   Poker?  HORSE?  Only God and the boss know for sure.