The Netherlands hk prize Online Gaming

May 24, 2022   |   by Crouse Linwood

In a move starkly contrasting with their anti-online gambling stance, the new Dutch government has proposed a regulation system similar to those already up and running in several European nations.

“It is a big shift,” government hk prize Jaap Oosterveer told Reuters, “but this is a new government with a more liberal approach.”


The Netherlands’ previous legislative body wanted nothing to do with online gaming, and made several decisions in keeping with that philosophy. These included defeats of both Ladbrokes and Betfair, each of whom have previously challenged the authority of the gambling laws.


But with hundreds of thousands of Dutch citizens openly circumventing the current laws, it would seem that the government’s new approach features a great deal of common sense. Such was the argument of state secretary of security and justice Fredrik Teeven, in a letter he recently penned to the Dutch Parliament. The argument here is simple: By passing a system of online gaming regulation, the government stands to gain an estimated €10m next year, from the auction of internet gaming and lottery licenses alone. A great deal of further profit will emerge once the taxes begin flowing in from the tables.


Similar laws are already in place in such countries as France, Spain, and Italy.


Bwin/PartyGaming Merger Endorsed by Gibraltar Supreme Court


For months, talks of a Bwin/PartyGaming merger have been going on, but no real progress has been made. That is, until late last week when the Gibraltar Supreme Court endorsed the deal between the two online gambling giants.

In July 2010, Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG, the gambling company, and PartyGaming announced they would be merging to form the largest online gambling site in the world.


PartyGaming, located in Gibraltar, was founded in 1997 and is best known for owning Party Poker, its online gaming room. Before the UIGEA went into effect, Party Poker was by far the largest poker room in the world, as far as number of players. It has since withdrawn from the United States, but remains one the of the largest.


bwin Interactive Entertainment AG is an Austrian based online gambling company. While it hold regional licenses in many countries, it is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.


The new company would be located in Gibraltar and be listed on the London Stock Exchange and plans to go by the name Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment plc, with current PartyGaming owners having a 48.4% share in ownership and current bwin shareholders having a 51.6% share in ownership.


Because of the endorsement last week, the companies are expected to complete the merger this Thursday.