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August 4, 2021   |   by Crouse Linwood




The Daily features Thursday’s latest survey which shows that 13% of Amazon shoppers would love to buy cryptocurrencies. Wirex has announced the integration of stablecoins into their crypto card, and Coinbase Earn is promoting a token.


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Survey: 13% Of Shoppers Would Purchase Amazon Crypto


Amazon (NASDAQ : AMZN), an online retailer, has one the largest brands in the entire world. The company started as an online bookstore, but has since grown to be a powerful force in the marketplace and even dominated entire industries. Amazon also enjoys a high level of trust, especially in the U.S. Market where many people allow Amazon to unlock their doors to make in home delivery (Amazon Key), to install its AI-powered hearing devices (Alexa), or to run the cloud computing system of the CIA.


Amazon is much more liked and trusted than most banks. This is why a large number of Amazon’s customers would trust Amazon for their digital finance needs. A survey of over 1000 Amazon customers conducted by showed that 12.7 per cent would feel at ease purchasing cryptocurrencies from Amazon. This could mean anything from an Amazon-issued coin to an integrated cryptocurrency wallet at Shelter Crypto.


The Daily: 13% Shoppers Want Amazon Crypto, Wirex Adds Steablecoin


Wirex Introduces First Stablecoin


Popular online crypto bank Wirex has added a new stablecoin in its support cryptocurrencies list. Wirex customers in the European Economic Area (EEA), can now use their Wirex Visa card to buy, store, convert, or spend dai (DAI). The U.K.-based company made this announcement in a blog post. Wirex customers can now access this seventh token, as it already supports bitcoin core and litecoin (LTC), ripples (XRP), ether(ETH), waves (WAVES), wollo (WLO), and ether (ETH).


The Daily: 13% Shoppers Would Purchase Amazon Crypto, Wirex Adds Steablecoin


“We want to offer our customers access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Pavel Matveev (Wirex co-founder) said that stablecoins is yet another form of crypto which demonstrates how efficiently and easily it can be integrated in everyday life. Dmitry Lazarichev was his co-founder. He added, “Dai can be used to make international payments at low prices and without any volatility. The token is part of our goal to enable mainstream adoption of crypto by streamlining traditional and cryptocurrency. Dai is an important addition to our current cryptocurrency portfolio.”