June 25, 2022 | by Crouse Linwood

6 Best Secrets of Real Estate Investors


Real estate investment is a source of passive and active income. This is due to steady rate of property appreciation. Prospective investors finding ways of saving for investment may consider real estate business.

However, the business experiences varying degrees of risks. Despite the real estate risks, a few investors emerged successful. While countless of other investors are running into losses that are avoidable.

Let us examine real estate during 2007/2009 global economic recession. Then, we can discuss the secrets of successful investors.

Brassica investment claimed that unprecedented foreclosures filings took place in America in 2007/2009. During the 2007/2009 global economic crisis. “Florida filings soared 133%, hitting more than 4.5% of all households, while Arizona filings jumped 203% to 4.5%”. Also, “..California had the highest total number of filings for any state, 523,624, more than double 2007 levels”.

According to statistics by Forbes:“the median sale price for a home in the U.S. was $200,000”. By the time the market reached bottom, “prices had dropped 29%, to $140,000”. Suffices to say that the foreclosures crashed the value of properties. Although, the business saw untoward crises in the past, that doesn’t stop regular earnings of investors who know the secrets.

For earning …