October 13, 2022 | by Crouse Linwood

AFL 2022 Round 11 Footy Tips and Odds

Round eleven of the AFL season kicks off Friday night with the Bombers coming off the bye take on the Demons at the home of footy, the MCG. My prediction for match of the round is the Grand Final rematch between the Pies & Saints on Saturday night. Carlton & Port Adelaide will conclude the Round at AAMI stadium Sunday in the twilight match. Richmond have the bye after a pretty먹튀검effort against Port last week, something not many footy tippers would have tipped.

Best Bet of Round 11 is Carlton by 40+ against the Power which is paying 2.35 at Sportsbet where they give you a $200 free bet bundle just for signing up. See more info here.

Essendon V Melbourne Friday night at the MCG

Coming off the bye has been tough for most teams this season and I expect the Bombers to struggle a little against the Dees also. If they are to win this they need a dominant performance from their 3 tall’s Hille, Ryder & Bellchambers.

The Demons were OK against Carlton last week but just don’t have the depth at the minute with a horrible run with injuries and suspensions. Tom Scully …

October 6, 2022 | by Crouse Linwood

Amber Rose Sunglasses Create Red Carpet Stir, Confusion


Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus should be thanking Amber Rose this morning.

The former butchered her Billboard Music Awards introduction last night, while the latter desecrated a classic song by The Beatles. If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK

But Rose has managed to deflect most criticism of those two trainwrecks simply walking the red carpet of that event… while wearing the world’s largest pair of sunglasses.

Really, can we even refer to these as sunglasses? They’re more along the lines of a visor, aren’t they?

The real question is: What do you think of these ENORMOUS glasses?

And what do you think of other fashion statements made on Sunday?

Check out various hits and misses from the 2014 Billboard Music Awards here:

Devon Walker: New Orleans Saints Sign Paralyzed Former College Football Star

Devon Walker believed he was headed to a post-graduation celebration dinner with his family on on Saturday night. Instead, the former Tulane football stand-out received the surprise of a lifetime.

Instead of his favorite restaurant, Walker’s family took him to the New Orleans Saints rookie minicamp where Saints coach Sean Payton offered him a contract with the team.

Of …

October 6, 2022 | by Crouse Linwood

Latest Slot Online Bonuses

The clamor of a lot of online casino players to have that one place where they can conglomerate and talk amongst themselves accordingly has been an issue long overlooked. After all, you can’t expect a particular Slot Online to play host to a forum or chat room of some sort. Why would they do that in the first place when it will risk the optimal performance and workings of their casino games? This negligence, however, is the strength of Latest Casino Bonuses. By going to the website, you place yourselves among the online casino players who are in the gambling circuit and actually know other online casino players. What’s best is that you meet with other online casino players who have headstrong experience about playing casino – yes, they live right in the turf of Latest Casino Bonuses. You don’t have to place yourself at the mercy of your online casino. With Latest Casino Bonuses, you get to meet people from whom you will really benefit.

The good news is that Latest Casino Bonuses makes up for what the online gambling community lacks in general. This is the absence of personal face-to-face communication. Perhaps this is the glaring drawback of …

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EPT San Remo, Final Table Qualifier Mercier Takes Title


Jason Mercier, a kodokmas qualifier from the US, picked up $1,340,867 for his victory in the PokerStars.com European Poker Tour San Remo Championship on Saturday. Mercier, who moved to the top of the leader board on Day 2.

Reactions to Wednesday’s Congressional hearing on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act were generally positive, with near unanimous media commentary noting that the US government is becoming aware that the UIGEA is all.

Two days of action have shrank the tournament field close to the money bubble here at the 2008 Foxwoods Poker Classic. This World Poker Tour event was scheduled for six days, but the small number of entrants have made for a much shorter affair. Only 75 players remain, leaving us just a few levels.

I write about fixed-limit stud – primarily $20/40 and $10/20. These are the games I tend to play and enjoy. However, as I’ve realized from recent emails from readers I’ve received both here and on my radio show, there is also.

Vega’s Latin American Poker Tour Expands to ‘Poker Tour of the Americas’

The Latin American Poker Tour has decided to break new ground for itself, and take the tour in a new direction …


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Forex Trading Education: 5 Tips for Keeping to Your System

One of the most important things you can learn in any funded trader forex trading education is how to keep to your chosen system or systems in a consistent way.

Hopping from one thing to another will kill any chance you have of making profits, but we are all tempted from time to time. If you find it hard to keep to one trading system, here are some techniques that may help you to learn to be consistent.

Consider carefully before you decide to follow any system. One successful businessman has said that the secret of his success was thorough research before a decision, and then sticking to it like iron. You need to be sure that your system is profitable … not necessarily the very best. And you need to be comfortable with all the actions that it will require you to take, whether things are going well or badly.

If you have problems with self discipline in other areas of your life, use those to train yourself in the skill before you start live trading. Do not pick the thing that you have most trouble with, but something that you could fairly easily master. It might be getting …

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What is the specific meaning of BMW?

It is really very interesting when we talk about what is the meaning of famous brand on earth.Because maybe most of the brand you have heart and it is really pretty famous,but we never know its inner significance.We are a bmw blog so we certainly talk about the meaning fo BMW.

I have told  something about the meaning of BMW in China.Certainly it is just a joke.Today,i would like to tell you the real meaning of BMW.BMW is shorted for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG,a famous engine manufacturer around the world.this is the real meaning of BMW.Maybe you are not satisfied with this explanation.OK,let me tell you more.

It is said that BMW is also shorted for “Business,Money,Woman”.If you are a man,are you excited?Certainly,BMW means a lot for a man.There is no doubt that every man have a dream to own a bmw car.Because it means you are rich and succeed in business.Of crouse,you also have a good wife or girl friend behind you.I think the explanation of “Business,Money,Woman” is better for BMW.Don’t you think it?

Besides,the manufacture factory of BMW is a air engine manufacturer in the past.So,you know,the blue sky, white cloud and the propeller in the middle symbolize …

August 25, 2022 | by Crouse Linwood

A “Bar” Code For Symbol Technologies’ Chief Accounting Officer


It didn’t make headlines anywhere yesterday that I noticed, but this particular headline regarding Symbol Technologies leaped at me from the SEC website:


Because…? Well, let’s take a short trip down memory lane.

In the Nutty 90’s, Symbol Technologies was caught up in the same blood fever as many of its techno-brethren. From 1998 until early 2003, Chief Accounting Officer Brian Burke and others engaged in accounting chicanery producing the typical results of the time: inflated revenue and earnings “and other measures of financial performance in order to create the false appearance that Symbol had met or exceeded its financial projections.” The SEC filed suit against Symbol in June 2004; here’s the list of the Commission’s allegations:

“… with no regard for generally accepted accounting principles or their financial reporting obligations, Burke and the other defendants used the following schemes to align Symbol’s reported financial results with market expectations:

* a “Tango sheet” process through which baseless accounting entries were made to conform the raw quarterly results to management’s projections;

* the fabrication and misuse …

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The Best Online Football Playing Agent in Indonesia


On the web soccer gambling  Online Casino Malaysia has developed really rapidly in latest years. Not only the middle and upper classes who also play, but has mushroomed to various groups inside various regions during Dalam negri. The level of dependence on trusted sites is progressively rising, discount battles are taking place everywhere and model marketing that is occurring over a massive scale carries on to be able to mushroom.

In \ on your own, online soccer wagering web-sites are scattered just about everywhere. Countless brands, or perhaps perhaps tens of thousands, continue to look on various websites plus social media. Offering some sort of range of advantages in order to each of these, payment approaches are progressively easy and even practical, and bonus products the fact that compete very tight. The way about your choice?

More than the years Judisakti struggled with various competitors that have sprung up, and until recently it still survives within the ranks of the right on the internet basketball gambling web-sites in Dalam negri. Stay consistent with various marketing promotions the fact that spoil its participants, steady with friendly service in addition to in addition consistent with rate throughout transactions.

Judisakti Such as …

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