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How long does an accumulator (battery) last with Nicotine pouches.

June 21, 2021   |   by Crouse Linwood



A rechargeable battery (battery) can be recharged approx. 100-150 times if used correctly (i.e. always fully charged and never completely used up) . After that it is used up, just like any normal rechargeable battery and can be bought in our shop. Since these batteries have to generate a heat of approx. 100 °, they are not as durable as batteries from cell phones or other similar electronic devices, for example.

The warranty on rechargeable batteries / batteries is only valid for 2 months.

With the purchase of 50ml refill liquid or 50 depots you always get a battery or an atomizer (mouthpiece) for free .

Batteries also lose their performance when not in use. To make batteries last longer when you are not in use, they should be charged from time to time (weekly).


How do I recognize a used battery (battery):

The battery can no longer be charged, the light on the charger no longer changes from red to green.

The battery is charged after a few minutes, but it is used up again after a few pulls. A battery does not work as it should, cannot be charged and does not work when pulled? Tap the threaded side of the battery a few times on a surface, table top or similar, as the vacuum switch / membrane may jam.


If this does not solve the problem, please send us a short email. How do I store the products if I do not use them for more than 48 hours? Always store the atomizer (mouthpiece) without filled depots and the atomizer (mouthpiece) and the rechargeable battery (batteries) separately. Store rechargeable batteries / batteries at a normal temperature and out of the reach of children. All rechargeable batteries / batteries have a date inside.


How do I dispose of used batteries?

The easiest way is to send the used batteries to us and we will dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Simply send the battery (s) as a normal letter to the following return address :



Apartado 205

38650 Los Cristianos



For return costs of 1-2 euros per shipment, you will receive a voucher of 2 euros per returned battery from us.

Please put the following note in the return envelope under “Disposal”.

For the sake of our environment !!!


Note: When charging for the first time, fully charge the battery.

Usually the batteries are already pre-charged.


To start up:

Screw the atomizer “2” onto the battery “1”. Remove the silicone cap from a fresh depot and insert this depot ” 3 ” into the atomizer ” 2 ” . Puff a few times without inhaling until smoke appears. The Slim2010 is now ready for use.


If possible, please always transport the Slim2010 with the LED pointing upwards or in a horizontal position. More about Nicotine pouches


Migration behavior:

Pull evenly and not too hard on the device. The LED lights up continuously during the pulling process. A continuous flashing of the LED indicates that either the battery or the depot is empty.