Full-Tilt-Poker Leaderboards – April Winners

May 30, 2022   |   by Crouse Linwood


Not much changed in the FTP Leaderboard positional stats for the last two days of April as players kicked it into high gear to keep their top ten positions for April’s prizes.  As usual, some of the most decorated players to compete since I’ve been covering the Full Tilt Leaderboards are occupying top notch positions in the overall top ten for April.  This is a pattern that is likely to recur each month as those who are skilled in their ways generally find their way to the top much easier than the luckboxes.

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the FTP Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the Full Tilt network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar.  Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.


For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (a whopping 250 recorded places) click here:  April 30th Leaderboard Results.


Top Ten MTT Players for April:


1     bethwolf22      18604.80

2     PimpinDonks   17673.40

3     Pimpnuho        16925.30

4     doomweed       13820.20

5     chronicATM    12949.60

6     0neoneOne      12881.70

7     bparis              12745.00

8     toilet22            12350.10

9     MoormanI       12093.10

10   Rounder63      11563.80


Bringing old school back, bethwolf22 leads the pack in her wolf-like satus in 1st place for the entire month of April.  bethwolf’s presence hasn’t been felt for the past few months as she slipped away from the FTP MTT Leaderboard scene for awhile.  Nevertheless she has made a return, and a strong one at that with a 1,000 chip lead over PimpinDonks in 2nd place.  Two weeks ago it was PimpinDonks in 1st place leading the way for bethwolf22.  All PimpinDonks needed was one decent win over bethwolf to take the lead but both players continued to play equally as strong keeping the positions from last week in tact.

Pimpnuho rose to 3rd place last week after having been in 5th the previous week and has managed to remain there through the end of April for a nice win.  Being one of FTP’s regulars, a top ten position is like a second home for Pimpnuho and I’m sure we’ll continue to see him in the top ten in the coming months.  Below him, doomweed held onto his 4th place position through to the end.  The highest position he’s held during the course of the month was 3rd place, so dropping to 4th isn’t anything to be too concerned with.

chronicATM is one of the few who had enough initiative to climb the ranks during the final two remaining days in April.  At the very brink of April’s finish, chronicATM rose a position to 5th place.  His move sent bparis down to 7th overall.  bparis had been recognized as a player to watch out for but he definitely didn’t perform as well as expected in the final hours.  OneoneOne also climbed a couple positions from last week’s 8th place.  As April came to a close he rolled into 6th place securing him the highest win he’s achieved since I’ve been covering the FTP Leaderboards.  toilet22 who had previously occupied that spot dropped to 8th.  crypto gambling MoormanI and Rounder63 have remained in their positions from last week, which was pretty common among this leaderboard in the last week.  A lot of big things were expected from USCphildo as well but he hasn’t performed quite as well as I had imagined he would. Still an impressive win among thousands of players, USCphildo placed 14th overall for April.  Being that he’s one of the better players on FTP hopefully we’ll see him in the top ten for May.


Top Ten SNG (high limit) Players for April:


1     phatchoy888            26727.20

2     time4sumakshun      25168.10

3     moneyinthebank1     23257.50

4     beanmo                     20161.60

5     happygabita              19813.80

6     jeppg1111                 18665.70

7     Saint Annie               17263.50

8     Hezballer                  17055.30

9     HowBadDoIRun       15860.30

10     Mement_mori         15634.00


Continuing with the theme of holding their positions from prior weeks, positions 1 through 6 have remained unchanged.  phatchoy888, time4sumakshun, moneyinthebank1 and beanmo have really shown to be a dominant force in the high limit SNG Leaderboard.  Players looking to be in the top will no doubt have to show some real talent to surpass the likes of these four players.  There’s no question as to why they’re leading the rest into May.


Beginning the positional changes, Saint Annie dropped to 8th place giving Hezballer a chance to rise to the occasion and snag 7th place overall.  Similarly,  Mement_mori dropped to 10th place, giving HowBadDoIRun the rights to 9th place overall.  Essentially, Saint Annie and Hezballer swapped positions while at the same time HowBadDoIRun and Mement_mori switched.

Another notable feat is Whitesnake1 coming in at 14th place.  For the past several months Whitesnake1 has scored some nice top ten wins and has been popping in and out of the leaderboard more than most.  More importantly though, is the return of Rebellz in 17th place.  I’m not sure what happened to Rebellz the past couple months but he seemingly dropped off the radar.  Had he continued at the pace he was going as an FTP regular he probably would have been rated the alltime greatest player on the high limit SNG leaderboard.    I honestly look forward to Rebellz’s return and to what he’ll achieve in May.

Aside from Rebellz’s sub-celebraty status, five Full Tilt Poker Professionals have made it on the leaderboard this month.  Steve Zolotow landed 88th place, Nordberg can be found in 98th place, Lee Watkinson in 111th, Lynette Chan in 210th place and lastly Hans Vogl landeda low 213th place overall for April.  This is the most amount of FTP Pros I’ve seen on the leaderboard simultatneously in quite some time.


Top Ten SNG (low limit) Players for April:


1     tcmwpti           11938.10

2     kokmus            10630.60

3     antzzor             10231.40

4     MajorPolk          9929.00

5     einsammy           9734.70

6     ObvFish              9447.20

7     Peristeria            9181.60

8     timo82samuel     9068.50

9     kjh8448               8590.40

10   Ingenol                8526.10


No different than the High Limit SNG, the Low Limit SNG Leaderboard has remained almost completely unchanged for the last couple days.  tcmwpti managed to keep 1st place for the last portion of April after MajorPolk who is now in 4th place held the top position for the majority of April.  MajorPolk was in 3rd place two days before April ended and dropped to 4th on the last day.  Pulling ahead of him was antzzor who sealed a nice 3rd place win – the first top ten win I’ve seen him with.

One of my favorite low limit veterans, einsammy, can be found in 5th place overall keeping the same position as in my last analysis.  The rest of the players on the bottom of the top ten have also remained in their respective places from last week’s leaderboard article.  Some great players who have fallen below the 10th place cutoff are WPTfuji, just missing a top ten position by one place in 11th overall, Arngrim (15th) who has only recently shown a somewhat consistent presence, tappert (18th) and bedsore (20th) who is one of the best low limit players around.

I hope you’ll continue to check back for all your latest FTP Leaderboard updates right here on FlopTurnRiver.com as May’s competition is sure to heat up very quickly.