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February 10, 2022 | by Crouse Linwood


Bitcoin has a media problem. Or, perhaps, the media has a Bitcoin problem.


Mainstream media has often framed Bitcoin with the same scandalous curiosity that may publicize a troubled former child star or a controversial tech startup. Most journalists have viewed it as a sideshow, a distraction that warrants only so much attention lest it detract from the supreme spectacle of the 21st century’s historic advancements in technology, business and finance. By some combination of apathy, lack of curiosity and ignorance, Bitcoin is often misrepresented or represented poorly in mainstream news outlets.


Let’s cut these career journalists some slack. After all, a traditional finance reporter may be daunted by this new and confusing world of decentralized digital currency. And fluent as they may be with the ever-evolving world, seasoned technology reporters may nonetheless view Bitcoin as a leviathan of the technically arcane. Learn more about HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK MONEY



Bitcoin is indeed a complex esoterica. So it’s little wonder that just four years after its creation (when Bitcoin was beginning to formally enter the international conscience), Vitalik Buterin opined in the seventh print volume of Bitcoin Magazine that “a significant amount of disinformation about Bitcoin continues to …

February 7, 2022 | by Crouse Linwood

Nevada Gov. Signs iGambling Singapore Online Casino Bill


Nevada governor Kenny Guinn on Thursday signed a bill that will officially open the doors for online gambling in the Silver State.


Guinn’s approval comes on the heels of several months of legal wrangling and legislative ‘machinations’ that nearly saw the interactive gaming legislation die in the Senate. The bill was rescued on the eve of the legislature’s final sitting when it was piggybacked onto another gambling bill.


The bill’s signature into law does not mean that brick-and-mortar casinos will be able to launch real-money wagering sites any time soon, however. The Nevada Gaming Commission will first need to draft and adopt regulations governing online gambling. These regulations will deal with issues such as gambling by minors and blocking players from states where gambling is prohibited.


State officials reiterated that they would not defy a federal ban on Internet Singapore Online Casino wagering, but did note that several court challenges in other states may make the gambling ban unenforceable.


Crypto Applauds New Internet Gaming Law


CryptoLogic, a leading software supplier to the Internet gaming and e-commerce industries, today welcomed the passage of a Nevada law enabling Internet casino gaming for the first time in …

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January 31, 2022 | by Crouse Linwood


Adoption & community – Digital Isle of Man Joins the British Blockchain Association

One of the earliest adopters of blockchain technology — the Digital Isle of Man (Digital IOM) — is now an official member of the British Blockchain Association (BBA). The organization serves as a bridge between government regulators and the private sector, and encourages growth, innovation and support in the Isle of Man’s fintech industry.


Digital IOM believes that blockchain technology has the power to revolutionize how the world does business, and it recently granted the first reputable license for a blockchain lottery. The association primarily works through the Isle of Man’s Department for Enterprise to govern both digital media and e-gaming.


Brian Donegan, director for e-business at Digital IOM, explained, “The BBA has been very proactive in providing a platform to support our blockchain based initiatives, which has provided us with added competitiveness in these markets via access to their specialist technical expertise.”


The BBA has attracted several thriving industries over the years, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, energy and identity management. Donegan says the group’s knowledge and assistance have been profound, and he can’t imagine Digital IOM succeeding without their influence. Learn more about HYPIXEL

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