AMILV–Overheard sbo

July 9, 2022   |   by Crouse Linwood


Overheard at the WSOP…

* “Honey, you just can’t be chickenshit at these things. You just wouldn’t survive here. No offense.” –Man on the phone with his wife explaining how his bluff got called to knock him out of the $3000 NL event

* “I’m on tilt.” –James “KrazyKanuck” Worth sitting down at a lowly $125 single table satellite…with me…after he busted on the TV bubble in a $5000 event (Incidentally, I went on to chop that one, something I’ve done in my last three single table sats. Also, incidentally, the Kanuck is one really nice guy and it was fun to sit next to him).

* “Tell me your bad beat story: $5 $2.50” –Seen in magic marker at a manned table in the hallway.

* “You’re still here.” –Ernie, the room service waiter who served me two weeks ago, then went on vacation with his family, then returned to find me in the same room.

* “She’s been classically trained.” –Dr. Pauly, at the hooker bar, while a Rio cocktail waitress danced on an elevated stage.

The Dealer’s (is) choice

It’s been said, mostly by BadBlood and me, G-Vegas is where you’ll find the best homegames. There’s one damn near everyday. I play every Thursday, and on more than a few Wednesdays and Fridays. Tonight, I’m looking to 3-peat.


The Thursday games are my favorite. I never, ever miss that. They’re played on a rotating basis. Every other week we play dealer’s choice and in between is the NL game ($50 max .25/.50 blinds). So far this year, on Thursday’s alone, I’m up $2700.00.

Last night was Dealer’s choice at the sbo Rankster’s house. I’ll give you one hand here:


Rank calls.

G-Rob raises and says…”I have a strong pocket pair”

BadBlood calls.

Rank calls.

Flop comes (9d Kc Qd)

G-Rob says, “I’ve just caught a set but I’m sure y’all will chase the flush.”

Rank bets $3.

G-Rob raises to $6

BadBlood calls.

Rank calls.

Turn is (9h)

BadBlood smiles. G-Rob says, “Now I’ve got a full house.”

Rank bets $6

G-Rob raises to $12

BadBlood says, “I’m gonna lay this down,” and shows his cards to the Rocket.

He had (KQo) by the way.

Rank re-raises to $18

G-Rob caps at $24

Rank calls.

Turn is (9c) and G-Rob is suddenly concerned.

Rank bets $6

G-Rob raises to $12

Rank raises to $18

Nervous G-Rob calls.

G-Rob shows pocket kings for Kings full of 9s.

Rank shows a QUEEN. 9s full of queens.

G-Rob loves Thursday night.

Tonight is a $50 tourney at “The Mark”. Wish me luck.